PROFILESHOTI have been drawing for a very long time now, for as long as I can remember. It is one of those things one starts and never stops. It takes on many forms and is in a perpetual state of flux. My process has been fairly simple; keep growing, keep learning, try new things, but most of all, enjoy the process.

A driving force to working as an artist is often collaborating with people from other disciplines. Illustration and design can be applied to almost anything and the opportunity to dabble in a variety of subjects; to jump between a children’s book, a magazine article or a poster for a band, is quite stimulating.

I studied  fine art and photography and I am currently enrolled in a masters program in Design at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

My search for knowledge continues. I am on a quest to find tougher challenges and broaden my understanding of the world around me to make beautiful interesting things.

Here are some people I have worked with;  Unicef India, Pratham books, Roli books, Hachette books, Juggernaut books, Restless Books, ( a lot of publishing yes) Current conservation, Pro Kabaddi, Vh1, Adidas, a number of bands and other establishments. (exploring this website would help)

Features :  Dangercat – Art and Graphic Design , Pajama People , Buzzfeed , Homegrown , Big Bad List



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