PROFILESHOTIt is often a struggle to put in words what it is I do, but here goes. I have been drawing for a very long time now, for as long as I can remember. It is one of those things one starts and never stops. It takes on many forms and is in a perpetual state of flux. My process has been fairly simple; keep growing, keep learning, try new things, but most of all, enjoy the process.

Drawing is not the only thing I have been interested in. I relish putting my hands to work on any medium that can turn my understanding of what I know, on its head. This allows me to constantly mix and match.

Another driving force is working and collaborating with people from other disciplines. Illustration and design can be applied to almost anything and the opportunity to dabble in a variety of subjects; to jump between a children’s book, a magazine article or a poster for a band, is quite stimulating.

I am not entirely self taught, in fact I have been in school way to much (so I’ve been told). I studied  fine art and photography and I am currently enrolled in a masters program of Art and Design at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

My search for knowledge continues. I am on a quest to find more challenges and constantly on the look-out for anyone who will indulge me.

Here are some who have;  Unicef India, Pratham books, Roli books, Hachette books, Juggernaut books, Restless Books, ( a lot of publishing yes) Current conservation, Pro Kabaddi, Vh1, Adidas, a number of bands and other establishments. (exploring this website would help)

Also here are some nice things people have said about my work, in case this bio hasn’t been convincing: Dangercat – Art and Graphic Design , Pajama People , Buzzfeed , Homegrown , Big Bad List



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