PROFILESHOTSonali is an Illustrator and photographer from Bangalore, India.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine art from the College of Fine Arts, Bangalore and a diploma in Photography from Light and Life Academy, Ooty. She combines the principles of both in her work.

She shares her studio with a very large (unpredictable) tabby cat, who keeps her company while she works, her studio came together as a result of this cats demand for a larger space; hence the alias Dangercat.

She likes to draw in many ways and the challenge of using different mediums.

Her clients include UNICEF India, Pro Kabaddi, Current Conservation, along with publishers like Juggernaut books, Hatchet publishing India, Roli books and many others. She also works with musicians, entrepreneurs, writers and other artists. She enjoys working on projects that push her to learn and experiment.

Dangercat – Art and Graphic Design , Pajama People , Buzzfeed , Homegrown , Big Bad List



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