The Ramayana, written by Arshia Sattar, published by Restless Books New York.

 Google doodle, celebrating poet and activist Mahadevi Varma.


Sarangi. Zinc plate etching on archival paper. limited edition print of 10 *sold*. Made at Cicada Press, Sydney , Australia.


Marduk vs Tiamat from the Enuma Elish, one of the oldest stories known to mankind. Learning and reflecting on the past.


For the upcoming issue of Current Conservation , on the degenerating habitat of Orangutans, palm oil cultivation and community driven conservation.

For Brainded India on ecosystems



The Book Hunters of Katpadi, a novel written by Pradeep Sebastian and published by Hatchette Books India.


‘Of the past present and future’. pen and ink with digital colouring.


Editorial Illustration for an ecological journal.


A series of watercolour and ink drawings set in fantasy.



Album cover for Bangalore based sludge band Shepherd.


Rolling paper design for B.E.Hemp India


Photo journal and paper cut explorations



Mini sketchbook drawings using an ordinary ball pen.